Oksana Skorik dancing the Black Swan variation


Oksana Skorik dancing Diamonds from ‘Jewels’


Oksana Skorik chasing away the haters


Oksana Skorik in Raymonda

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bubbleteaforyouandme asked: Have you seen 'A Beautiful Tragedy'? It is a film all about Oksana's school life. It broke my heart a lot,but it's impossible not to love her after that<3

i have! i googled her after i saw one of her videos on youtube, and i watched the whole thing without subtitles and didn’t know what was going on for the most part, haha. it’s actually one of the reasons i started learning russian!

russianballetvideo seriously needs to stop hating on Oksana Skorik


im getting really tired of seeing comments about how she’s a terrible person and terrible ballerina, and those stupid annotations over the video. there’s no need to be such a hateful, bitter person..


Oksana Skorik for Harper’s Bazaar UK

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Аноним asked: The reason some russians dislike Oksana is because she doesn't show any emotions, which is a big part of the russian ballet. Also her musicality and technique should be better. It's not about her, it's the fact that there are better dancers than her in the corps de ballet, which is unfair for them. Personally I think she's not mariinsky first soloist level, maybe some other company(mikhailovsky, stanislavsky). If she worked on her emotions & musicality it would be much enjoyable.

Not wanting to sound mean and you’re of course entitled to your opinion but I just wanted to tell you why some people dislike her. :) (to give you perspective)

Thank you for this! I do recognize that she has many flaws. I really do hope she works on emoting more, because the few times she has done so it was absolutely breathtaking. I just wish people wouldn’t be so vile toward her when they are expressing dissatisfaction with her dancing, or make her a target instead of the corrupt Mariinsky directors who put her in that position in the first place. :/ 

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pas-de-chat-saute-de-chat asked: yes, a blog dedicated to the beautiful Oksana, im so happy ❤